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Our expert technicians can offer a full range of database technical services for any type of database no matter what software it is written in.

    Design and creation of a new database to serve your business. This can be populated with new data and/or include existing data you may have.

    Example: Existing data is kept on a variety of systems/programs/paper records.

    We can take all of this data and combine it into a single database in a format suitable for your current system.

    If you have a database that is not working properly, it may need expert repair.

    Example: The information you want from your database is there but it is not possible to search or extract it in a useable form.

    A new search query can be written which will solve this problem.

    From one format to another. Perhaps you have a database which was written in older software such as Foxpro, Paradox or Pick (there are dozens of database programs) and you want to update it. Our technicians can do this, incorporating your existing data and/or supplying and adding new data.

    Example: A database written some years ago in the Pick language needs to be used in a mobile, web application.

    This will require a new database and then importation of the data records to the new database.

    Verifying any existing data and adding new data fields and/or supplying and adding new records.

    Example: The existing prospect database has records with possibly incorrect telephone numbers and no email address field.

    Checks will be run on the telephone numbers deleting incorrect ones and adding in correct numbers where available and an email field complete with email addresses where available, can be added.
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