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Business and Consumer Email Addresses.

  • Business and Consumer Email Addresses are available for all countries. Additional fields can be supplied in many cases, such as; company Name / individual name, mailing address with postcode, line of Business, SIC code, number of employees, contact name and contact job title.
  • Email address databases continually degrade and we prefer to source data specifically for a customer’s requirements with the aim being to provide fresh, up to date data.
  • We do not sell email data that has not been verified as being accurate before delivery to our clients.
  • Even so, we normally oversupply the quantity ordered in order to allow for inevitable failures which can and do occur for a variety of reasons including the action of spam filters operated by email programs and Internet service providers which can react to the subject line or body content of the email, the senders IP address and other elements of the campaign.
  • Some countries forbid emailing to non opted-in lists.
  • Opted-in lists (where the owner of the email address has specifically agreed to accept incoming emails) are often available.

Data format.

  • Data can be supplied in almost any format including .txt, Excel, Access, .dbf, csv etc on CD, floppy disk, memory stick, portable hard disk or delivered by email or downloaded from the internet.
  • Data is supplied for the use of the purchaser only and seeded to guard against unlicensed use or distribution.


  • Email data rates, particularly rates for non-opted in lists, are volatile and vary greatly so it is impossible to give a general idea of rates here. In the UK and Europe, opted in data can cost around $400 / Euro €365 / UK £280 per 1000 records (exchange rates approximate).  Sometimes lower cost data is available. A detailed quotation will be provided in response to your data request.
  • We can bill in US $, €, UK £. and Australian dollars. Payment can be made to our bank by direct bank transfer, international wire transfer, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Neteller.
  • Minimum order value US $310 / €282 / £200 (exchange rates approximate).
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